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  • 1 hour Response Time
  • Industry Certified Technicians
  • Remote Access to Any PC or Server
  • Equipment Purchasing and Hardware Life-Cycle Recommendations
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring
  • Bonus Hours Per Plan
  • After Hours Support Available
  • Support Calls Accepted via Phone, E-mail or Online
  • Detailed History Reporting

CGB Tech Solutions can design and build your network from the ground up or modify your current infrastructure to meet your business needs.  Our industry certified technicians specialize in deploying the latest servers and networking equipment to provide your business with:


  • Complete Control of Email
  • Secure Remote Access to Your Workstation and Email from Anywhere
  • Mobile Phone Synchronization
  • Network Security
  • Spam Control
  • Computer Lab Setup and Management


Network Audit & Monitoring


CGB Tech Solutions can provide your business with a  complete inventory and performance baseline of your network and computer hardware.  This report makes it easy for managers to plan ahead for future technology purchases, find the age of hardware devices and visually compare the performance  of each system on the network.


Let Us Be Your IT Department


We offer a unique combination of Onsite and Remote Support that allows us to get to know your network and your staff.  Our newest service, Commercial Offsite Administration (COA), transfers the traditional IT help desk and support from inside your company to us.  Perfect for businesses that are not large enough to hire full time technology staff or larger companies looking for significant cost savings.  CGB Tech Solutions can handle all or part of your support needs.


IP Phone Systems


We are partnered with Avaya Inc. We provide simple IP Phone solutions with Avaya phone equipment with experienced and certified technicians. Learn More


Security Systems


We install and configure security systems, and surveillance camera`s to keep everyone safe at the workplace, and keep harmful or illegal activities from affecting your company`s property.  We can install based on your needs from inside & outside your building.


Wi-Fi Solutions


We have several options from single wireless router ranging from hundreds of access point throughout your workplace. Also with high level Security encryption to keep unwanted people out.


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