We serve industries as diverse as our vibrant Cleveland community. Our Certified Technicians have been keeping organizations of all sizes up and running since 2003.

System Security Specialist Working at System Control Center. Room is Full of Screens Displaying Various Information.

Small Business

From attorneys and accountant’s offices to small manufacturers and builders, CGB Tech understands that downtime is not an option. We will secure and strengthen your network, monitor your endpoints, assist on our Help Desk and train your employees to stay away from attackers.

If an emergency strikes, our remote technicians are on the job in one phone call, and our on-site technicians can be dispatched within 30 minutes


We are Cleveland’s non-profit IT authority, servicing this community for 19 years. We have the people, experience and resources to serve non-profits, from the big projects to the day to day assistance.

office workers

Churches/Religious Institutions

CGB Tech provides the security and support churches and religious institutions need to keep their information and parishioners safe. We provide security, backups and help desk services available during your busiest hours.


We can assist your Technology Director in everyday tasks or major initiatives. CGB Tech is Certified in Google for Education, GoGuardian, Dell, Samsung and Lenovo products, among many others.

When students are rough on devices, we can provide repair services on our Tech Bench, right here in Cleveland.

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CGB Tech contracts to write and review RFP project requests, responds when appropriate and provides products and services to small villages and large cities throughout our service area.


CGB creates custom networks with mobility and security for dentist’s offices, small medical practices and research facilities, allowing you to continue your important work with the most up to date and secure technology available.


How we help your business grow